Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Introducing a Wikileaks Awareness Edition using the Darwin Ecosystem’s technology.

Darwin Awareness Engine™ helps users track Web and Enterprise 2.0 events, uncover emerging trends and gain faster understanding of complex issues.

To demonstrate the value of this new way to present time-sensitive and contextual information, we have dedicated a Darwin Edition to information relating to Wikileaks. In this edition, we present recent news, blogs and social media mentioning Wikileaks.

Darwin Awareness Engine presents the rising terms and related concepts emerging as events unfold from the Web’s collective reaction and participation with Wikileaks. Users can observe the emergence of topics of interest, and with a mouse-over and click, see the Web events that relate with the selection. This makes awareness and discovery much faster than managing alerts, search queries, or browsing through countless news/blogs/social web sites.

Darwin Awareness Engine is still in Beta. Try it at wikileaks.darwineco.com. Register, and let us know what you think.

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