Thursday, June 03, 2010

The digital paradox: more automation, less visibility

The ability for any business to remain aware of external influences and its own internal initiatives in near-real-time is becoming critical for informed and accelerated decision-making. The time for executives and managers to wait for monthly and quarterly meetings be aware of emerging issues and trends is gone. In the age of ever-changing regulatory compliances for public safety, the environment, trading, privacy and immigration, organizations face more complexity and opportunities that require prompt and informed actions.

Organizations are facing unprecedented challenges in this new and changing economy. The need to adapt in order to maintain and grow their market share is required. Change’s lifecycle is near-real-time and and has become a business-as-usual practice. This, despite the digital era’s success in delivering automatization tools, the multiplication of electronically published content and dialogue amongst communities keeps on challenging the true value of predictable outcome supported by automation. It remains a growing challenge as many businesses have yet to recognize that automated processes are just small component of what systems are capturing. Capturing all that matters to your business, detect new trends before they hit you, align your resources with what is happening outside in the market place, is a task that requires human insight at every level of the organization.

Connecting the dots becomes essential in order to enrich the decision process. The connection are the critical resource that powers your business, whereas process automation ensures its operating stability... not its sustainability.