Thursday, October 04, 2012

Why I think Twitter is not making its advertisement quota.

Initially Twitter created an unprecedented platform to capture people’s expression through the primal desire for humans to be popular with no clear monetization model.  Twitter has since evolved into a universal communication arena trying to capitalize on its asset through advertisement.  In 2011, Twitter failed to meet its revenue objective despite becoming as well known and used as Google or Facebook.  The comparative discrepancy in revenue can be attributed to the fact that Twitter users, those susceptible to click on an ad, are all about pushing information; not consuming it.  And the vast majority of Twitter queries are from users seeking to monitor the impact of their own communication campaigns, not consuming ad.  The Achilles’ heel of Tweather, with respect to relevant on-line advertisement, is its weakness in making information consumption interesting and engaging to its users.  I believe that Tweather offers such a solution.