Thursday, July 22, 2010

Thinking about Device Interoperability for Apple

I am a big fan of Apple products. I am somewhat disappointed that I am unable to pair my iPhone with my Mac. I had an old Ericsson phone that paired with my Mac for me to dial a number from my Mac's address book. This was very useful. I don't care about the Blue Tooth synch since I have and that the rich content does requires a cable at this time... but the ability to use the iPhone from applications to launch calls and track usage would be very useful.

I think that Apple should be able to better balance device interoperability by making programs and features (GPS, compass, accelerometer, touchscreen, gyroscopic sensor, applications) available across devices that can connect. Just imagine how applications could become more powerful, and how many developers would think of Apple being feature-ubiquitous instead of proprietary (and this whilst maintaining manufacturing control over new breeds of devices that can be fragmented into module-driven resources).

I will be thinking of some cool applications with this model in mind. I will be happy to share some ideas.