Tuesday, November 13, 2007

France; Know-how appreciated by the top tier.

I am finding that France’s role in a global economy has less to do with competing with the rest of the world, but instead it is about being the custodian of good taste, culture and quality. I was recently visiting the United Arab Emirates and noticed that the growing upper-class was seeking the quality than even today’s high profile vendors could not deliver as they increasingly depend on China and other emerging countries to meet their demand; hence scarifying their legendary quality.

Yes, big brands are making a fatal mistake in thinking that the pickiest customers are not noticing the decline of quality. So what grabs the attention and desire of these demanding customers? Uncompromised quality in materials and craftsmanship! And also, “make it unique”. The promises of one-to-one marketing and the Wikinomics’ “prosumer” have a place in the high-end consumer space. The question becomes; can France acknowledge that its tradition is in fact its future, that it’s investment in art and schooled craftsmanship is an asset that can equal its tourism, and that perhaps France’s role is to remain a traditional France. When we see the homogenization of cultures and products, the difference that France possesses in its DNA may very become the envy of other nations seeking cultural uniqueness. Perhaps France is the world’s luxury corner store and museum that reminds of greater times and nuances. I, for one, see this as an opportunity and I have decided to actively promote and leverage this cultural asset through the use of WEB 2.0 technologies and services that may help French artisans get global visibility and recognition for their art and sough out value.

More to come...