Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The French are not giving up on search visualization

Here is an update for our KM community members; many of you have heard me talk about the early work of Trivium in search and discovery visualization. I have been contacting them over the years and asking them why they abandoned the core technology in favor of building an HR specific application. Obviously being early in the KM visualization game, they simply ran out of resources and they had to find a niche market to survive. Unfortunately for them another French company (Kartoo) has taken the lead in search visualization utility. You have to take a look at they are where Trivium should be today. I don’t know if they have common sources but the coincidence in Kartoo’s wizard and visual models are very close to what Trivium did with Kartograph for Lotus Notes in 1998. Let me know what you think of this utility (they have two others search utilities that offer different representations).