Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Entre le cristal et la fumée - Henri Atlan (Between cristal and smoke)

I am not sure that this book is available in English but it further strengthens my research in extending the Chaos Theory to consuming information using the interpretations of the human cognitive abilities when facing a collective corpus of multidimensional data. I am finding many parallel ways to explain the organization of what is alive with what I believe to be a similar model for chaotic information. Henri Atlan outlines many concepts of Neodarwinism and Costa de Beauregard’s views of thoughts and matter. With modern computing capabilities, I am more and more inclined to build and find support in experimenting with life-model algorithms. This is also supported by François Jacob work that brings stronger arguments for the models of physico-chemistry. I don’t how many of my friends and ex-colleagues share my passion for extracting/elevating order out of chaos through mathematics and human cognitive interaction with systems... for my old IBM/Lotus friends this is not a far stretch from KM and the COI work we did. I invite you to contact me and share your ideas with me. I will start to shift my focus from KM to Chaos Management as it offers much better information consumption in the age of information emerging from so many dimensions and levels of relative importance.