This TED matters for Darwin Ecosystem's research.

I always encourage our team to see every TED talk available to ensure that our outlook on technology is challenged and inspired by thought leaders.  But when David Eagleman, a well-known neuroscientist, and writer, showed up, I was excited to see what he would say to enlighten the general public with his fascinating work.  I consider him to be the most influential person dedicated to our field of research and soon to be a promising industry.  This is the most relevant TED Talk related to the work of Darwin Ecosystem.  The umwelt expansion, paired with the generic pattern processing capability of the brain, makes total sense.  Setting aside the use case, this is why it resonated with the TED audience (standing ovation).

Darwin Ecosystem has been working on awareness and discovery enhancement, as well as pattern detection, using organic paradigms where the inference of meaning is left to the user's innate ability to detect relevance - not the machine.  As a matter of fact, for Darwin Ecosystem, the device is a catalyst and accelerator of senses and reach.  But to go further, we are working on a Collective Memory Project in our Montreal R&D office to expand the umwelt from one individual to a collective.  We are working with IBM's Big Data and Cognitive Technologies (Watson Bluemix) to deliver solutions today and support our research in building a Virtual Cortex.  Well done, David Eagleman, for bringing this science to a larger audience.  It is sure to boost our own research initiative and interest.

Thierry Hubert, CEO


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