Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Tweetzup + YouTube = Serendipitous Searchless Discovery

This summer we expanded the reach of tweetzup results (correlated clusters of emerging topics from twitter) by plugging in a dynamic YouTube search result driven by the user’s expressed interest.  As a result, we have discovered that our users are now accessing YouTube videos based on the awareness of movement from tweets. This makes it more focused and provides entertaining ways to discover videos that are popular or recently posted. With tweetzup, the user does not need to subscribe to YouTube channels and be limited to only those videos.  Instead, users can now choose their topics of interests, see if they are chirping as an indication of something happening, and then be exposed to any contextual video without search.

Tweetzup also offers its users’ the ability to set alerts when a theme is showing some movement from their followed topics. This also makes it easy not to have to be glued to the screen to see what’s up. The system let’s you know via email, or you can choose to tweet the alert to your community automatically. This is what I do on my twitter account @thierryhubert.

For instance, this morning the system tweeted the alert on my behalf the following message: “DISRUPT is Emerging on the STARTUP #TweetzUp report http://tweetzup.com/startup?interval=15034636&term=disrupt …”.  Clearly I follow tweetzup’s STARTUP, and I set an alert a few months ago on the term DISRUPT.  I clicked on the link and saw the following:

Right away the system highlighted in orange the correlated keywords associated with DISRUPT, showed the tweets and displayed the most recent videos posted this very morning as the TechCrunch Disrupt event in San Francisco is occurring. Needless to say, I would have waited for a late Google alert, depended on my social network friends, or spent too much time searching Google/YouTube and other news/blog aggregates to achieve this kind of result. Crucially, it would not have been on one page that also allows me to see other emerging terms occurring simultaneously about the theme STARTUP.

About that serendipitous searchless discovery? Well, being exposed to my topics of interests when something is going on is very fertile ground of serendipitous opportunities. In this case, I discovered a cool application being presented at Startup Alley at Tech Crunch which offers a strategic angle for our business.  This is what I call serendipitous business intelligence.

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