Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Timely Reporting from Tweets

In an on-going effort to further illustrate Darwin's Temporal Organic Correlation power, I would like to draw your attention to's ability to play the movie of tweets on any given topic.   In fact I just observed that the CBS's tweets, as a source of people's reaction to current events, was not as effective as showing in a timely manner a significant natural disaster occurrence.  It actually demonstrates that if you have an interest in a given topic, tweather reports will reveal information a lot faster than if you wait to observe how people respond (tweet) to the formal media.  

The event in question relates to the earthquake that just provoked a tsunami alert in Costa Rica.  I included the screen shots since the and tweather reports constantly update themselves with current information.  You will notice that tsunami event took almost one hour to be picked-up by the CBS followers.

I invite you to go to to see what is trending without the pain of being overwhelmed with endless tweet streams, and create your own tweather report.

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