Tuesday, May 22, 2012

A story about my Plantronics Bluetooth headset

The miracle headset
I am not one to promote products (although I do love gadgets), but this time I felt that I needed to share this story about my faithful Bluetooth headset by Plantronics.

It started over two years ago when I lost my headset and a good friend of mine (Charlie) had the same kind but did not like the silicon in-ear support.  So he gave it to me as a replacement.  

Since then I have been using it and never lost it.  About 6 months ago my wife told me that my headset made it through the wash and dryer.  To my surprise is actually worked without any issue.  I was impressed and attributed the save to the fact that the battery might have been dead and that the dryer did the rest.  

Well two days ago was a different story.  I did the wash, and sure enough, I left my headset in my workout shorts.  Now this time it was charged and on.   I noticed it out of the wash and tested the on button when it was still wet.  Nothing!  I finally felt that the laws of physics got the best of this resilient device.  In a desperate and last attempt to resuscitate, I decide to plug it in the charger...nothing... what could go wrong at this stage anyway?  I felt like a cat trying to revive a dead mouse in hope that I could get a last "byte" out of it.  To my surprise, the next morning it was fully charged, and I have been using it without any issues for the last 24 hours.

Luck or impressive engineering?  I will try to avoid the charming third time.

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