Thursday, May 24, 2012

Facebook's Sheryl Sandberg asking students to perform click fraud at Harvard Business School

I can't believe the stupidity and ignorance of Facebook executives.  Do you remember when click-fraud was a BIG issue for on-line advertisers?  Basically advertisers complaining about sites' owners clicking on ads to increase their revenue from Google's ad-sense.
Basically Sheryl Sandberg is asking Facebook users to do just that.  Just read this article about what she said  Do they even understand the industry they are in? The level of incompetence, arrogance, gross over-valuation, and alledged intellectual property theft is simply shocking.  If I was advertising with Facebook, I would ask for a refund on clicks simply because the clicks may have been driven by a pathetic plea from Facebook to generate unworthy revenue.  I want my prospects to genuinely click on an ad, not being asked to do it to save a company that is clearly incompetent. 

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