Sunday, May 23, 2010

That's it I am removing myself from Face Book.

Removing myself permanently from FB. After having spent my career building collaborative and social networking applications since the late 80s, I am now convinced that the current FB trend to violate privacy and provide access to our personal information to third parties is crossing the line. In fact I have always been cautious of privacy matters while working at Lotus, IBM and my start-ups.

In the early 2000s I was exploring ways to empower on-line communities without using the old paradigm of the centralized main-frame (what Google and FB have been doing on the Web). I will look at my old design notes and revive some of the ideas that could resolve the current trend of turning our private information into a commercial asset.

Alternatives exist but the old way of capitalizing on advertisement is a hard habit for them to let go. Until we find an alternative, you could can stay in touch with me via email or Linked-in. I will cancel my account June 1st.Adieu FB.

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Tom Gallienne said...

Hey, Thierry:

I would be interested in your view on how easy it is to liberate your data from FB.

And secondly, to what extent you would trust that your information will have been erased completely and permanently from any FB networked volume anywhere.