Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Monitoring and Measuring the Impact of Public Service Media Part Two: Addressing the Issues

In the last post I raised some of the ways that Public Service Media can support community through the Web. In this post I look at how Darwin’s Awareness Engine™ can help. First, I will look at data mining and awareness. The Awareness Engine™ collects Web events from both formal and informal sources, and correlates them with multi-dimensions to show occurring emerging patterns. The basic interface provides the user with the benefits in the “Awareness and Discovery in Action” section. The accumulation of this information provides a rich corpus for advanced trend analysis over time. Special reports and alerts can be customized and developed as needed to meet different levels of monitoring and analysis. Public Service Media programs can benefit from the measuring and monitoring of the evolution of a theme over time or dimension:

1. tracking and measuring the impact of the Public Service Media programs’ actions in the community and/or the broader Web

2. creating alerts based on significant variations within the designated themes of interest and/or controversial spikes

3. advancing analytics for pattern recognition and prediction

With these benefits, the Public Service Media programs have better awareness of critical themes to improve and mitigate their interaction within the community and the Web. Furthermore it provides them with better planning for subsequent and follow-up programs, which become more target-specific and identifiable.

The Awareness Engine™ can also help empower community leaders. Similarly to the Public Service Media team, the community leader/s can gain greater awareness from the technology. This access can generate more relevant content, but also engage more community leaders to participate as a valuable resource towards their community thanks to the Public Service Media. A key benefit is that the elevation of awareness will generate more content from the community, thus leaving the PSM neutral in the emergence of community issues. Our next post will cover an example of how Darwin’s Awareness Engine™ can uncover community Web activity before it hits the mainstream press.

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