Tuesday, December 05, 2006

WEB 2.0: A Collective Conscientiousness Platform?

I have been exploring the role that the WEB 2.0 can have as platform for the representation of Collective Conscientiousness. With blogs, wikipedia, wikinews, social networking, MySpace, LinkedIn, YouTube and other highly interactive and social network-enabled features, we are starting to see popular themes and sub-culture groups emerge to the mainstream. With the interaction between people’s interests and the need to express themselves (their lives) with these systems, we are providing our society with near-real-time awareness of what matters to people. I believe that we will be able to harness the commonality of the expressions found across these systems and be capable of viewing the expressions of the Collective Conscientiousness. I think that this awareness can influence actions towards the evolving Collective Conscientiousness that can be of use to market analysis, political campaigns and governance.

Please comment and let me know if this is a topic of interest and if you would like to join a focus group to further discuss and explore the possibilities of a visible collective conscientiousness.


TranceMist said...

So how do you recognize, catalog, or interpret these expressions in a programatic way into data that you can actually make use of?

Thierry Hubert said...

That's what I am working on by using multi-dimensional tagging algorithms. I am still debating the way to go about it. Some of the research that I have done in Knowledge Management at IBM might help me get closer to the answer.