Thursday, December 14, 2006

Blogs blogs and more blogs!

Do you have the feeling all of us bloggers fit in two distinct groups? The MySpace kids who want to be seen and shine in front of their friends, and the passionate activists or professionals who publish to be noticed and get a job! All post information to self-promote and some go to extensive efforts to be linked everywhere just to be found on search engines beyond their little social networks. Despite this self-indulgence what we write has value, perhaps not on its own but collectively! A kind of collective voice or pulse that goes far beyond Google capturing our queries and behaviors to guess intent and trends. Are we also so eager to be noticed that we ignore that we are exposing our life to the world to see, evaluate, judge and discriminate against when we apply for a job? I have a friend in Montreal that posts the most absurd and often vulgar pictures on his blog. I told him that recruitment agencies and employers search the web more and more to profile the characters of their employees. Alas my friend ignores this new reality and continues to expose his poor sense of humor next to his picture and curriculum vitae. I guess the two groups referenced above do not mix well. This is why blogs offer a wealth of content to better understand what matters to us and what malaise is present in our society. So let’s blog-away on the Internet’s immaterial cloud but let’s remember that we are grounded on earth and that our actions on the web have more chances to be noticed and captured than a loud voice in the corner pub!

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