Monday, January 27, 2014

Who reads tweets anyway?

Who reads tweets anyway?  Mostly brands and organizations hoping to understand what people think.  What does Twitter give people in return, other than the motivation to be followed? Not much, and Twitter fatigue could be felt sooner than you think.

Twitter is missing that content consumption by the consumer is essential to keep people committed to express themselves.  After all this is not Facebook where people can be extraverts and peeping Toms.

Twitter's one-way "take", and lame "give", needs to be revisited soon.  And their poor search or TweetDeck does not cut it.  Have you tried make sense of what's up by reading tweet searches line by line.  Fun right?

This is why I developed   I want to let anyone to know what's up in a meaningful way without having to read many tweets.  The collective emergence of trends focused on what you care about is more revealing than reading everything and wasting time.  Furthermore, you can set tweetzup alerts about keywords that are trending on the topics you follow.  And yes tweetzup can tweet the alert for you.

Let the machine service the human.  Not the other way around.  Sorry Twitter, but it is time to think about giving back to the people instead of expecting them to express themselves knowing very well that their individuality has next to zero chance of being noticed without a ridiculous amount of promotional effort.

That being said, I think that Twitter is also a great channel for targeted campaign or event communication.  In this context it serves as an open communication utility for a short period of time. And that is very useful.

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